Both your company as the ‘Producer/Transferor’ of waste and the ‘Carrier/Transferee’ you employ have a duty to ensure your waste is disposed of responsibly and that the process is compliant with the Control of Pollution (Amendment) Act 1989 and the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

As a registered carrier of controlled waste, you can be assured that A.C. Morrison Limited takes the transfer process very seriously.

Unlawful disposal of waste has serious consequences and our simple three point check list can ensure our clients are compliant with regulations:

1.  It is your duty to know your waste types and their relevant codes as well as understanding how much waste is generated and ensuring that you have complied with the waste hierarchy.

A.C. Morrison Limited can carry out an audit to establish the content and quantity of the waste produced and ensure the compliant channels for disposing or recycling.


2.  Check that your waste carrier is registered to carry out your collections.

A.C. Morrison Limited holds a Certificate issued by the Environment Agency and we can be found on their Register of Waste Carriers.

3.  Ensure all your waste collected has a Waste Transfer Note (which must be kept on file for a minimum of two years).

A.C. Morrison Limited liaises with clients to ensure both parties are aware of the wastes being transferred. A Waste Transfer Note or an Annual Resolution is raised to cover all collections to ensure that the waste is correctly described and has the correct Waste Code and indicates how the waste is prepared/packed for transfer.  


A.C. Morrison Limited appreciates that commitment to the environment is an integral part of efficient working practice and it is important for every company to operate the most effective scheme, best suited to its facilities and staff.  


We are committed to ensuring that all materials which can be recycled reach the correct destination so that they can be re-used.

The recycling centre strives to work with clients to ensure that the best results are achieved so that we all improve our environmental performance.   Their state of the art Material Recovery Facility (MRF) is currently capable of processing up to 125,000 tonnes of co-mingled waste which is analysed, captured and baled ready for distribution to recycling and processing centres across the UK.  Their continuing research and development ensures that we all minimise our environmental impact.

One Case Study:

The client has opted not to have desk bins and instead has containers suitably located throughout the building for general waste (our orange waste sacks), mixed recycling (our clear recycling sacks) and also confidential waste containers (our reusable confidential sacks). By using our individual sack system this client was instantly able to change from 100% daily controlled waste output to 50% waste and 50% recycling and by using the Waste Hierarchy and educating staff,  it has now reduced the overall output and achieved 40% waste and 60% recycling.  Both staff and the cleaning company responded well to the system and have been committed to improving the company’s environmental impact.  

Client: London EC2R

We understand that every business is unique and we can adapt our services to ensure that you optimise your recycling potential and reduce your waste output.

As an example, we can supply and collect clear sacks for dry mixed recycling items such as paper, cardboard, plastics and aluminium cans for subsequent transfer to the recycling centre in London E3 for sorting and onward processing.

Materials such as glass and toner cartridges can be recycled but need to be collected separately for correct recycling.

By 2030, the aim is to have no waste, just materials for recycling or for the production of energy and construction materials.   By following a zero to landfill policy and transferring non-recyclable waste to transfer stations with the same objective, A.C. Morrison Limited is already ensuring that clients are working towards this goal.

A.C. Morrison Limited is committed to knowing its clients and understanding their requirements so that we can offer the optimum waste solutions on an individual basis.

We are compliant with all guidelines set by the Environment Agency and current legislation and as members of the Institute of Wastes Management we keep up to date on new laws and developments within our industry.  Our accreditation ensures that our operational procedures and health and safety arrangements are always compliant and that we are pro-active in finding better solutions for all our services.

Our concern for the environment drives us to find the most effective solutions for our own operations and chose and operate our vehicles so that their impact on the environment is minimal.


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